About Us

Miki Harris
Owner, Manager, and Chief Awesomeness Officer

Miki spent the greater part of her work life in corporate management. Accounting, Business, Computers, Compliance, Asset Management and Quality Assurance are just a few of her specialties. One day, out of the blue, it occurred to her that she had never chosen any of her past careers; they had chosen her. Determined to find out "what she wanted to do when she grew up", she began a journey of self-discovery that lead her to view the world in a completely new and positive way. Through the learning and exploring of her own nature, she discovered her passion: nature and its abundance. Her dogs, Dexter and Roo, had been such a critical part of the learning process of the arts of happiness, unconditional love, trust, and compassion, she was determined to make sure that her "future life" encompassed nurturing and learning from animals. Coupled with her 25 years of business experience and over 40 years of loving and learning from her beloved animals, caring for other's special and beloved pets was a perfect fit for her newfound passion and A Little Pet Inn was born. Miki is certified by Pet Tech in Pet CPR and First Aid, Canine Basic Education by The International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA), and Barkbusters trained.  

Scott Harris
Owner Operator

Scott is a hardworking member of the Southwest Airlines team based at the Orlando International Airport. His toughest job, however, is supporting his wife through her growth and desire to improve their lives through quality, rather than quantity. Providing a solid, consistent foundation for Miki to build her dream, Scott is the handy man and implementor of her vision. Naturally compassionate and caring, Scott has always had love for all creatures, but has a particular soft spot when it comes to dogs. Having had Dalamatians from childhood, Scott introduced Miki to the wonderful world of dogs when they married in 2004 when she adopted his Dalmatian, Jimmy, as her own. In turn, he adopted her three cats, Pippen, Baby and Weasel.   


Scott will be found at A Little Pet Inn on a regular basis as part of the caring, customer oriented team. Scott is Barkbusters trained.


Miki and Scott are also foster parents through Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida


Laurie Dominguez
Pet Happiness Associate

Laurie has had pets all of her life; as a small child, her first pets were a Doberman and Golden Retriever, who she thought were related. She is currently owned by a senior rescue dog named Walker and a rescue Chiweenie from Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida named Heidi. Just like the puppies we care for, her favorite sound is the doorbell ringing when she is waiting for the pizza guy. Her dream is to buy a house and adopt at least eight more dogs (isn’t it everyone’s?). Her favorite quote, “Trust thyself; every heart vibrates to that iron string” from Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson, echoes her love of all creatures as well as her compassion and understanding of herself and others. As a Pet Happiness Associate, she is eager to help provide a safe, healthy, caring, and fun-loving environment for every furry kid who comes to visit. Laurie is certified by Pet Tech in Pet CPR and First Aid, Canine Basic Education by The International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA).


Dexter Harris 

Overseer of Operations

Dexter is Miki and Scott's first beloved Min Pin and is Miki's "fur-husband". Always at Miki's side, Dexter is a sweet, people-loving dog who will work to make sure your pup is well cared for, entertained, and feels welcomed at A Little Pet Inn.


Dexter loves long walks on the beach, scratches on the bum and baking with his mother (most often found at her feet, hoovering the floor). He also barks at pine needles.

Roo Harris 

Controller of Operations

Roo is Dexter's dog. Miki and Scott got her to keep Dexter company and it was love at first sight. Fiercely loyal to Scott, Roo prefers other dogs to people. Roo plays an integral part at A Little Pet Inn by assuring your pup is transitioned into the pack smoothly. She is also the inspiration for our logo.


Roo's hobbies include butterfly watching, lounging in sunspots and cuddling with her father. She's also a cancer survivor and world-beater, but she's scared of thunder. 

Lacey Jane Harris

Foster Failure in Chief

As foster parents for Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida, we fall in love with every kid that spends time with us while transitioning to their new furever home. Somehow, Lacey managed to charm, wiggle, and flirt her way out of foster-hood into permanent residency with us.


Lacey (aka LJ McFieldmouse) joined our family in June 2015 and has been amusing us with her amazing dance moves and side-long glances ever since.  

Owen Moore Harris

Foster Failure Expansion Team Lead

Teko Harris 

Chief Security Officer

Originally a member of A Little Pet Inn's feline pride, Teko's first family was no longer able to care for him. Miki and Scott were already in love, so it was only natural that he came home to live with them.


Teko is a magnificent fellow and thrives in his home environment. His hobbies are snuggling with Mr. Harris, patrolling the perimeter of the backyard, and generally being charming and fabulous.