The safety of your pet is our highest priority. In order to ensure the happiness and well-being of our guests, all dogs are required undergo a "Temperament Test" prior to being allowed to participate in playcare or boarding activities. This gives us the opportunity to ascertain the temperament and social skills of your dog, and to ensure he/she will enjoy participating in the services offered by A Little Pet Inn. 


The questions you will answer on the application assist us with getting acquainted with your furry kid and will help us with knowing how to best interact with him/her, so don't be shy about giving us all the information you can! We want to know as much as possible so we can make their transition into the pack smooth and enjoyable. Once the application is completed and we have current copies of all required vaccination paperwork, we will gladly schedule a day for your dog to visit, get to know the environment and make some friends. You should plan for your pup to be with us from 10 am to 4 pm or so, but are flexible to fit the needs of your busy schedule. We provide the playcare introduction day as a complimentary service. 


There is no need for you to wait or be present during the free introduction day. Our experience has shown that we are able to gain a much more realistic and accurate assessment of the dog's social skills when the parents are not present as they are not focused on impressing mom and dad, but on interacting with other dogs.


The day begins with the staff becoming personally acquainted with your dog, in a controlled environment, away from the main pack. Afterward, we will slowly introduce one of our control dogs known for their friendly nature and well-rounded socialization skills. We will carefully monitor your dog for body language, posturing, and reactions during these critical first social interactions. Once the initial canine greeting is complete, we then observe while the two of them interact. We will repeat this process with a second control dog until your pet is interacting safely and socially. Then it's time to get their game face on and play in the open environment.


If there are any concerns during or after the free introduction day, we will review them with you and discuss options. 

A Little Pet Inn, like all other facilities that board and care for pets, place animals from different households in close proximity. Proximity can increase the risk of passing on infections. This makes vaccinations an essential part of preparing your pet for boarding.


Vaccinations help protect your pet by stimulating their body to produce antibodies to specific contagious and often lethal diseases. If your pet should later come into contact with a disease, the vaccinations will protect them. Vaccinations may be given over a 2-3 week course and immunity may take days or weeks to develop afterward. You should consult with A Little Pet Inn and your vet well in advance to ensure your dog meets all requirements and timeframe involved for vaccinations if unsure. Written proof of vaccinations is required.


The first of the required vaccines for any dog to be accepted is called DA2P/CPV. This stands for Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, Parainfluenza, and Canine Parvovirus. You might also hear this vaccine referred to as distemper/parvo or DHPP (the Adenovirus type II vaccine also protects against CAV-1 and ICH, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, hence the DHPP abbreviation) or referred to as DA2P+Parvo. Parvovirus is especially dangerous because it's highly contagious and, if left untreated, usually fatal (mortality >90%). The second is Kennel Cough (also known as Bordetella) which can have several causes, but the main culprits are Bordetella Bronchiseptica and Canine Parainfluenza.  Dogs cannot be boarded until 3-5 days after vaccination and preferably at least two weeks. Always check to ensure your pet has been vaccinated against Bordetella well in advance as not all vets give this vaccination as standard. The third vaccination is rabies, and although fairly rare in our state, it's such a serious disease that vaccination is required by state law. It is recommended to initially be given when the dog is 6 months old, then one year later, and once every three years thereafter. Additionally, on May 30, 2017, the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine (UF, CVM) reported that multiple cases of respiratory disease have been treated at the hospital since May 23, 2017 (the first reported cases in the state of Florida). Subsequently, as of 5/30/17, CIV (Canine Influenza Vaccine) is required.

Please check with your vet regarding when your dog's boosters are due. If your dog has not been vaccinated before, they cannot be boarded in kennels until 7-14 days after vaccination final completion.


Always discuss vaccination requirements and risks with your veterinarian. There are some special circumstances that may need to be addressed with the management of A Little Pet Inn prior to arranging for your dog to board. While protecting your dog against diseases is important, elderly and physically compromised dogs can possibly be harmed more than helped by vaccinations. Only you and your veterinarian can determine the best plan for your dog. Dogs without vaccinations will only be permitted with veterinarian recommendation and approval in writing, currently dated, and signed. Verification of documentation will be performed.



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Our dog application is very user friendly and comprehensive and can be used for multiple dogs (if you have a cat as well, please complete a seperate application here). You can even upload your pets vet records and a photo of your sweetheart! Please only apply once, regardless of the service requested. For alternatives, contact us at info@alittlepetinn or at (407) 405-3744.