"An emergency is defined as a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.Your ability to quickly respond in an emergency could be a lifesaver for you,  and for your pet" ~ Miki Harris, Owner, A Little Pet Inn​

Hurricane Preparedness for Your Companion

Hurricane season doesn’t end until November 30th. We’ve been lucky for the past few years, but do you remember the 2004 Hurricane Season - Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne? What is your plan for your pet?


Most of us have an emergency family plan in the event of a hurricane, but often our pets are left off the list. If you are in an evacuation zone, be sure your plan includes your companion animal. Many people returned home after Hurricane Andrew only to find their pets missing, never to be recovered. Even after Hurricane Katrina and the many people who refused to leave their homes because it meant leaving thier animals behind, shelters like Red Cross still don’t accept animals. We do. Our facility is constructed of concrete block and kennels and the pet suites are located in interior rooms separated from the plate glass store front. Our emergency hurricane room is 100% concrete block on all four sides.


We encourage you to plan ahead and make arrangements now by ensuring your pet has all vaccinations required, identification (you can upload a current picture of your pet on our application), proper collars and are spayed or neutered for boarding/daycare along with an application on file at A Little Pet Inn. Visit our DOG FAQs, CAT FAQs, or Apply Here.


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